Wendy Kersh, Realtor ®

Wendy Kersh

Wendy comes from a banking and Wall Street background. After helping run a several billion-dollar Repo desk at Connecticut National Bank in Hartford, CT she moved to Orange County in 1985. Wendy fell in love with the area immediately and quickly established herself as a successful Institutional Bond Trader and bought her first home in Irvine. In 1989 Wendy got married and retired from the Bond business to be a Mom. She and her husband bought a home in Ocean Ranch and have watched their neighborhood grow from marauding bands of yelping coyotes to the beautiful gate guarded community that she and her family have been the original owners for 24 years! Watching Laguna Niguel evolve from an incorporated area of South Orange County to the vibrant community that it is now gives Wendy an in depth knowledge of the area’s schools, beaches and parks, running trails and all the “local” areas that only a resident of 25 years plus could know!

Wendy not only spent her time raising her family in Laguna Niguel, but also has been a licensed Real Estate agent for over 20 years. Working with people to help them live the dream of owning or renting in Orange County has been rewarding and exciting for Wendy. When Wendy worked with large institutional clients on Wall Street, she knew that she was only as good as her word and she has carried that very same principle to the local real estate market. When you hire Wendy to be your listing or buying agent or to help you find a gorgeous rental property, Wendy gives you her word that she will give you no less than 100% of her efforts to get the job done.

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